English Blogs

I feel like …

I don’t know if this is a right place to put my thoughts into words in English but I feel like I need somewhere I can express myself in English as well.

It might be better if I could create another blog only for English one but for this moment I don’t find myself to be able to do that because of my laziness, so I’m just writing on the same blog I have been using.


Today, I got a chance to talk about my project here in English to my friend. Then I realized that I didn’t have enough vocabulary and  expressions in English so that I could deliver my visions and plans as precisely as I wanted.

My English level is pretty far from the one that I hope to be.
Then I came to realize that now it’s time to practice expressing and writing my feelings and thoughts in English more often.

In doing so, I could be able to get unexpected chances like connections with people from all over the world  and open up another door to the new world.


I’m totally diffident about my English sentences here but I know I shouldn’t be afraid of that because I always say to my students “Don’t be scared to make a mistake. People learn from it”.

I want to be a person who keeps its word before the kids.


If anybody finds any mistakes on my English blog, please feel free to let me know. I would be very much appreciated.



After 3-day headache, I was finally able to go out and take a normal meal.
A friend of mine
from the US just arrived this town yesterday, I invited him to have a breakfast together at this restaurant. This is my favorite place to invite my friends.
I’m sure you will be fascinated with the view from here.